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We'll investigate over 40 ways to improve your situation.

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Let us investigate your options.  We have studied hundreds of pages of FEMA documents, updated manual pages and bulletins to be knowledgeable. We have found over 40 ways or situations to improve the price of flood insurance. If you’d like us to look into your situation, please contact us.Learn More

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Shopping around for a lower quote is the wrong approach as there is only one National Flood Insurance Program, with the same rates available to every flood broker and insurance company. We’ll help you get into the correct set of rates that you qualify for.

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Our ADVICE pages summarize useful information you should be aware of.  Flood insurance is, by far, the most time consuming policy.  Every property is individually underwritten based on its characteristics. Foundation type, elevation level, flood zone and many other factors will determine the price of flood insurance.Learn More

Decide to get powerful advice

Consult with knowledgeable professionals.

Flood insurance is the most convoluted and time consuming policy to write.

Most brokers are not aware of the many pricing avenues available and the options that could benefit the property owner. Most brokers just complete the easy online application to get a fast quote.

We will ask numerous questions and investigate over forty (40) ways/situations to possibly help. See if your situation can be improved.

Decide to get powerful advice

We should be your flood insurance rating consultant. You can keep your flood insurance agent, or you can appoint us.

Hi Dan, Just a quick note to thank you for your efforts to obtain flood insurance for my home.  I received my policy yesterday and everything is in order.

I must confess I was a bit nervous about going “out of state” to buy this policy.  But as we both know, expertise is where we find it.   Of the agents I spoke to, only you really understood the multitude of issues surrounding these policies.   That’s not easy, as flood insurance is federally administered, the rules and premiums are complex, and the whole program is in a constant state of flux.

As many folks here in New Jersey have discovered flood insurance protects not only against actual property loss but can also have a profound effect on the saleability of a property.  Simply stated, if your buyer can’t afford mandated flood insurance, he can’t get a mortgage. If he can’t get a mortgage, you can forget about getting a market price for the property.

Taking the right steps to contain premium expense and understanding the rules of policy assignment were essential to preserving the resale value of my home.   I found your website ”required reading” and I was glad you were there to guide me through the process.

Again, many thanks and kind regards.

Bruce C., Mahwah, NJ, Testimonial for

“Dan gave me a suggestion that eventually exempted me from the flood insurance requirement. It cost me some money to do it, but I’ll save BIG BUCKS every year! I even got a full refund on my current policy. Now I’m eligible for that cheap Preferred Program. My family and I are so grateful!”
Peter H., Lancaster, NY, Testimonial for
“You are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. You always thoroughly explain my situation. I can always rely on the Thill-Demerly Agency.”
Stephen C., Depew, NY, Testimonial for
“I was told my $750 policy was going up to $7,000. After a $1000 change to my building, the premium will drop to $276/year!”
Vicky, NY
“With your help we were able to avoid the requirement for expensive flood insurance every year. This also vastly improved the market value of the home. Your advice led to the solution of our flood insurance problem! Thank you!”
Keith W., Varysburg, NY, Testimonial for
Dan’s advice saved us from financial ruin. He advised us to withdraw from purchasing a house in the flood zone because the seller refused to disclose elevations.
Kim M., Lackawanna, NY, Testimonial for